“Doncho Invitational” is a freeride riders meeting, that is being held annually in the region of “Donchovi Karauli” above hut “Vihren” in the Bulgarian mountain Pirin. The meeting gathers passionate freeride skiers and snowboarders who also share their love for the winter mountain. The terrain where the event happens offers interesting features not only for pro-riders but also for beginners – steep hills and technical lines, short couloirs, and other natural features for backcountry jumps. One thing that makes “Doncho Invitational” is that the event is held deep in the mountain, where the beauty of nature is untouched by ski resorts, thus the riders have to reach the hut and later the face of the event by foot and in that way earn their line.
The idea of the event is for friends from here and there to meet up and ride together while giving their best without the unnecessary pressure of official competition.  During the event are held the traditional competitive categories – man/woman/junior ski and snowboard. The event goes on for two days dedicated to two different disciplines – “Big Mountain Freeride” and “Free Slope Style”. In accordance with the snow condition, two different faces are chosen for each day and they are being secured by the professional mountain rescue team.
“Doncho Invitational” is not a competition with judges or string regulations, rather it is a free-spirited event where the riders themselves choose the best of the day. There is no classical ranking on a podium but the prizes are for “best line”, “best run”, “biggest drop”, “the best trick”, “the youngest rider”, “freeride legend”, etc. The runs of each rider are being videotaped later played for the riders when each rider has the opportunity to give his vote for his personal favorite. Later the votes are counted and the prizes are given in accordance.